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Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese martial art form which uses different techniques and body movements to dominate and to immobilize the opponent. The word "jiu-jitsu" originates from the Japanese language, and it can be translated as "gentle art," a reference to the balance and full body control needed by the practitioners.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an exciting, yet demanding sport, ask any practitioner, and you will see the level of commitment needed for the sport, and we from Gallerr are no different.

Our team consists of people from beginner white belts to black belts with more than 20 years of mat experience. Even the team members enjoy the educational content which is produced, as well as being able to learn some new concepts or understand details of a particular technique.

Our journey started in 2016 before the Jiu-jitsu World Championship, where part of the team went to California to cover the event and the training camps that took place in different academies. That is, we went out to the streets to ask questions, get input and to validate our assumptions regarding BJJ’s online content with influential people and practitioners from many academies.

With the lessons we learned, we evolved our platform to encompass, incorporate and to give practitioners what they are looking for when outside the academy. Yes, even outside the gym they search for more information about BJJ.

Social Networks and Forums are significant sources of knowledge and information. On Social Networks, such as Youtube and Facebook, users can find the most varied content according to their demands, but there is the job of separating what is relevant from what is only hindering the search results. This process happens due to the easy access to content production, many of these are low quality or irrelevant for those looking for a unique production.

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Facing these problems as other regular practitioners, we decided to develop an educational platform to facilitate the access to high-quality content in a simple and direct way.

The galleries concept emerged as a direct result from the necessity of grouping related content. Our team is greatly committed to supplying the galleries database with information that allows users to find what they are searching for. Galleries are carefully filled with terms like ‘athletes, techniques and academies’ so the search yields a positive result for the user.

Technologically, we have a calibrated algorithm and tagging content with information that is commonly sought after by the Jiu-jitsu audience.

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