Renzo Gracie

Mastering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mastering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Imagine watching up close the training at one of the strongest BJJ schools in the world. And being helped by a legend eho has coached many champions. That is the experience that Gallerr Academy went out to get for you. A Renzo Gracie like you have never seen him. With all his energy, humor, technique and experience, he opens the doors to his home and his N.Y. gym so that you can understand and take part in Team Renzo Gracie. Explaining fundamentals, showing important details to the most important positions and scenarios on the mat, you will be able to evolve your BJJ with someone who is part of the history of BJJ.


These are 25 exclusive lessons, each one with more than 8 videos, where you will step on the mats of Renzo Gracie Academy, hear testimonials in his home and see how he has influenced the careers and lives of BJJ idols.


Providing a unique experience, Gallerr Academy has brought to you a Renzo that goes beyond technique, with details, concepts and fundamentals that only the experience of someone with 45 years of BJJ can bring.


The lessons bring Renzo exploring theoretical and practical concepts of the main positions and scenarios in BJJ; routines of training and physical preparation for training and competing. All of it related to Renzo's stories in his journey in BJJ.


We also prepared an exclusive ebook for download, detailing concepts, fundamentals and techniques of all that is tackled in each lesson.


In order to make learning democratic, the class and all of the material are available in two languages -- English and Portuguese. Just select yours when choosing video subtitles and what language you want to download the materials.

Lesson Plan

  • Welcome

  • Your first class

    • The challenge of having someone mounted on you

    • Escape from the mount

    • Aggressor holding your fist with both hands

    • Aggressor holding your neck with both hands

    • Aggressor attacking you (wide punch)

  • How to tie your belt

    • What is the importance of your belt?

  • The guard

    • Open

    • Closed

  • On top, inside the guard

  • Across side

    • under

    • over

  • Knee on the Belly

  • Mounted

  • Back taken

  • On your feet

    • Out of range

    • Clinch and approach

    • Takedown

  • Concept

  • Your best defense

  • Hip control (using your feet)

  • Cross choke

  • Armlock

  • Defending punches

  • Scissor sweep

  • Open guard attacks

  • The sickle sweep

  • Guard recovery

  • The arm-inside armbar

  • Inverted armlock

  • The arm inside sweep

  • Triangle

  • Omoplata

  • Back taken

  • Pendulum sweep

    • Kimura

  • The Tripod Sweep

  • Leg-binding sweep

  • Butterfly

  • Hand on the collar

    • Choke

    • Back taken

  • Lasso

    • Sweep

    • Triangle

  • DLR

    • Overhead sweep

  • GUEST: Kyra Gracie Omoplata

  • GUEST: Leandro Slaib

  • Guard Pass

  • Passagem de guarda em pé

  • Passagem de guarda em pé II

  • GUEST: Rolles Gracie (advanced hints for a proper posture)

  • Open guard pass

  • REAL FOOTAGE: Butterfly guard pass

  • REAL FOOTAGE: Stacking pass variation

  • Stacking pass variation (seminário)

  • Closed guard pass alternative (controlling the armpits)

  • Half-guard passing

  • GUEST: Ricardo Almeida

  • GUEST: Neiman Gracie

  • Concepts

  • Chokes

  • Going for the armbar (an introduction to the double attack concept)

  • Concept

  • Hips movements

  • The two-grabs concept

  • Movimento de quadri II

  • Movimento de quadril III

  • HIP

  • Square (concept)

  • Key-lock

  • Knee on the Belly choke

  • The Baseball choke (LA5_4378)

  • The passing the leg choke

  • Key-lock

  • Armbar

    • Drill

  • Choke

    • Option 1

    • Option 2

  • Rear naked choke

  • Collar choke

  • “Spreading the chicken”

  • Back control

  • Recovering the back taken

  • Concept

  • Passing the guard

  • Passing the open guard

  • REAL FOOTAGE: Calf slicer

  • Footlock

  • Footlock variation

  • Kimura from under

  • Foot lock from the back

  • Thrusting choke

  • Foot lock being mounted

  • BONUS: Choke

  • Choke (seminar)

  • Concept

  • From the mount

  • From the guard

  • From the back

  • Sport vs Self-defense vs MMA

  • Protecting yourself (Renzo vs Sakuraba)

  • Properly standing up

    • Standing up drill (alone)

  • Against the shoulder grab

  • Against the standing rear choke

  • Against hand on chest

  • Bônus: Breaking grips

  • Rear naked choke defense

  • Roll

  • Roll (stand up)

  • Osotogari

  • Hip throw

  • Double leg

  • Pulling guard + sweep

  • GUEST: Edgard Freitas Junior

  • Against the wall (or cage)

  • GUEST: Frankie Edgar

  • GUEST: Rafael Sapo Natal

  • Fight day

  • Concept

  • Upa drill + single leg (alone)

  • Upa drill with opponent

  • Elbow escape

  • GUEST: ROLLES GRACIE - Guard recovery

  • From the back

  • Defending the armlock

  • Defending the footlock

  • Defending the key-lock

  • Defending the choke

  • Defending the armlock from the mount

  • Escape 1

  • Escape 2

  • Escape 3

    • Alone

  • Escape 4

    • (alone and with an opponent)

  • Bonus: Hon Keza Gatame Escape

  • Concept

  • Armlock

  • Guard pass

  • GUEST: Robson Gracie (Isolating the arm)

  • Guillotine

    • stories

    • variations

    • GUEST: Roger Gracie

    • GUEST: Tom DeBlass

  • Ezequiel

  • Ezequiel from across side

  • Triangle

  • Inverted-lock triangle

  • Katagatame

  • Katagatame montado

  • D’Arce

  • Zip lock

  • Wrestling Reversal

    • Choke

  • GUEST: Matt Serra

  • Omoplata

  • Katagatame

  • Kimura

  • GUEST: Garry Tonon Katagatame

  • Triangle

    • History

    • Escape 1

    • Escape 2

    • GUEST: Neiman Gracie (Triangle)

  • GUEST: Gregor Gracie (Go for the kill) + guard passing

  • What to do from the mount? (Go for the kill)

  • Choke from the guard

  • Sweep

  • Armlock

  • Desire, focus, purpose

  • Benefits

  • Consistency

  • Royler talks about Renzo (passion)

  • Keep going




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Champions' Memories

I probably forgot as much stuff as Renzo's given me already. There's been countless things he’s taught me that have helped me in my career.

Testimonial avatar

Frankie Edgar

Former lightweight UFC champion

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