Back Attacks


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Topic of the week: Back Attacks

Igor Gracie’s back finishes.

Controlling an opponent from their back is a position of supremacy, almost a checkmate. From there, there’s only one thing left to do: to finish! That’s exactly what you’re going to learn this week at the Renzo Gracie Online Academy. Igor Gracie demonstrates a true arsenal of locks and chokes so that you can tap people out from their back. In your lifestyle lesson, Bruno Fernandes teaches ways to overcome injury. Additionally, get to know the secrets to the koshiguruma takedown.

What to expect this week

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Ezequiel from the back

When you control your opponent from the back and they try to block your typical choke, a great opportunity arises to change into an ezequiel.

Collar choke - attack 1

In the moment you control your opponent's back and they manage to free themselves from one of the hooks with their leg, be careful as you persist in the position with only the second hook, for you may end up trapped on half-guard. Check out the best way to act.

Armbar - attack 2

When your opponent tries to defend against a back attack, they usually leave something vulnerable. In this lesson, as he defends his neck, Tunico leaves his arm exposed.

Collar choke - attack 3

You are outside your opponent's field of view. That's one of the chief advantages of attacking from the back. As you control your opponent's collar, don't expose your hand. Learn here how to become invisible.

Collar choke - attack 4

There are many small adjustments that can make your back attacks unstoppable, like positioning your head, which can decrease the space your opponent has available to work on their defense. Check out this and more details.

Armbar - attack 5

If you want to become a good back-taker, you must know how to easily go between the seatbelt and the kimura grip -- the latter being recommended for those who like finishing via attacks on the arm.

Clock choke - attack 6

If your opponent tries to escape your back control by getting on all fours, you can finish them with a classic move: the clock choke.

Avoid Injuries

Injury can sideline you, drasticallyaffecting your training consistency and progressas a fighter. So check out five key tips to avoid getting hurt while training.

Collar choke - attack 7

Your opponent is very strong and uses their two hands to block your choke from the back. Learn here how to move to open up new avenues and use your leg to break the blockade.

Ezequiel from the back - attack 8

When you control your opponent from the back and they try to block your typical choke, a great opportunity arises to change into an ezequiel.

Katagatame from the back - attack 9

Igor Gracie likes using the seatbelt control to quickly spin his body and end up with a kata-gatame locked in place.

Rear Naked Choke

You must know how to finish via rear naked choke; after all, it's a back attack that does not require grips on collars or lapels, with all the flexibility that comes with that.

Koshi Guruma

The koshi guruma can be used in tournaments, but also when defending against a punch by throwing your opponent over your shoulder.


Renzo Gracie

Born March 11, 1967, Renzo Gracie fought historic bouts in Pride FC in the 90s and became a key player in the transition between vale-tudo and modern MMA. He also stood out through the birth and rise of submission wrestling organization the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, where he became a two-time champion and recently won a superfight at the age of 50.

Igor Gracie

Born on Feb. 4, 1980, Igor Gracie teaches at Renzo Gracie Academy in New York. A son of the legendary Rolls Gracie, Igor has won several medals in IBJJF events in classical and no-gi jiu-jitsu. He has also ventured into MMA, with nine official bouts to date.

Bruno Fernandes

Born April 6, 1978, Bruno Fernandes is the BJJ coach of UFC superchampion Georges St-Pierre. Endowed with refined technique, Bruno never needed physical power to shine at the biggest IBJJF events, winning four consecutive world championships -- one at purple in 97 and three at brown in the following years. His career as a competitor went hand in hand with his studies in medicine, a field where he earned a PhD.

Garry St. Leger

Born July 24, 1985, Garry St. Leger is a two-time U.S. national judo champion and 2010 U.S. world team member. With his exceptional teaching skill, he has turned himself into a reference for classical and no-gi stand-up game at Renzo Gracie Academy.

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