Half Guard: sweeps and submissions


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Topic of the week: Half Guard: sweeps and submissions

Many BJJ fighters understand the defensive aspects of the half-guard, using it to block opponents’ passes and to restore the closed guard.

These are important things, but you shouldn’t stop there. You should also explore the offensive aspects of the half-guard, using strategy to turn the table and counter-attack.

Following this line of thinking, André Monteiro teaches several attacking techniques from the half-guard this week at the Renzo Gracie Online Academy.

What to expect this week

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Half-guard bridge sweep

On top on half-guard, your opponent manages to hug your head and apply pressure. It's an advantageous situation for them, as they can take their chances on a finish or proceed to side control. However, with a subtle, surprising maneuver, you can invert the position and get on top.

Underhook going to the back

Even if your opponent can defend against the reversal attempt shown last video, they will tend to open up space for you to pummel and move on to their back.

Sweep with lapel going to the back

When you're working with the open guard, it's recommended to use the bent leg as a shield, controlling the distance. With this shield, you can push your opponent's torso with the intent to find space to pummel them and, with the help of the lapel, move on to the back.

Get Relaxed: Hobbies

Relaxing activities renew us and make us ready for training. Watch Bruno Fernandes make your hobbies work toward learning BJJ.

Lapel sweep for when they do the whizzer

When you pummel with the intent to go from the open guard to their back, your opponent may wrap their arm around your pummel, blocking your way. Understand how you can take advantage of this situation to unbalance them and land on top

Choke from half-guard

On top, your opponent wins the pummel with their right arm and tries to pass your half-guard by progressively sprawling. Learn a sneaky, effective choke to surprise them along the way.

Kata Guruma

Many people think the kata guruma requires strength. Instructor Garry Leger shows you how much of it comes down to agility and technical refinement.


André Monteiro

Born on July 20, 1981, André Monteiro (nicknamed Tim Maia after aBrazilian singer) is a BJJ black-belt who can be described as a half-guardspecialist. He dedicates himself to teaching the gentle art in the U.S. andto his career as a competitor in classical and no-gi BJJ.

Bruno Fernandes

Born April 6, 1978, Bruno Fernandes is the BJJ coach of UFC superchampion Georges St-Pierre. Endowed with refined technique, Bruno never needed physical power to shine at the biggest IBJJF events, winning four consecutive world championships -- one at purple in 97 and three at brown in the following years. His career as a competitor went hand in hand with his studies in medicine, a field where he earned a PhD.

Garry St. Leger

Born July 24, 1985, Garry St. Leger is a two-time U.S. national judo champion and 2010 U.S. world team member. With his exceptional teaching skill, he has turned himself into a reference for classical and no-gi stand-up game at Renzo Gracie Academy.

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