Renzo Gracie's guillotine details finally revealed

Celebrating Pride FC's 20 years

On October 11th, 1997, over 40,000 people went to Tokyo Dome to witness the debut of the promotion that is still considered by many the best MMA show ever produced – Pride FC.

We caught up with Renzo Gracie and recorded a video series in which the legend goes over the 20th anniversary of Pride and remembers how he had an experience inside the ring that would change forever the way a classic technique called the guillotine is applied.

In this first video, Renzo tells the story of the first MMA event to reach so many people, and how he dealt with the frustration of setting one of his favorite submission holds, only to see his opponent get out of it.

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Afterwards, Renzo invites you to understand the mechanics of the guillotine, the proper way to apply it, what the core concepts are, how to move your body, and what the right angles are to achieve success.

Renzo Gracie Guillotine

To finish the series, Renzo demonstrates the technique on black-belt Leo Leite and pinpoints what people do wrong, and why he had to change everything in the position to make sure nobody would escape his guillotine anymore.

Renzo Gracie Guillotine

Are you ready now to guillotine your partners? Then rush to the mats and do it!

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